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Valuednetwork.com Frequently Asked Questions
Affiliates' Questions
Advertisers' Questions

Affiliates' Questions

Q.What is CPA Affiliate Programs?
A.Cost per action (CPA) affiliate programs encompass both pay per sale and pay per lead affiliate programs. Pay per sale affiliate programs pay you either a fixed amount per sale or a percentage of every sale generated from your links. Pay per lead affiliate programs generally pay for lead information (name, e-mail, phone, etc.) generated from your affiliate links.

Q.What are the requirements for becoming an affiliate?
A.By joining the ValuedNetwork affiliate network, a publisher agrees to avoid spamming and adhere to generally accepted standards of good business and Internet practices. Most countries have adopted directives and guidelines regarding spam. All publishers should familiarize themselves with local spam laws. In addition, please review our Terms & Conditions.

Q.How much does it cost affiliates to join ValuedNetwork?
A.Absolutely nothing. There are no costs associated with joining ValuedNetwork as an affiliate.

Q.Who can join Valuednetwork.com?
A.Any people that has a website or a newsletter can join Valuednetwork.com. But you must understand English.

Q.When do you send out payments?
A.Affiliates are paid monthly with a NET30 or NET15 terms. For example, we will send out your payment for Jan commission on the end of Feb(NET30) or the middle of Feb(NET15). Also we have a every two weeks' payout terms. For example, We will pay you the money locked before 31th Jan on 1st Feb and pay you the money locked before 16th Feb on 16th Feb. Generally it takes 1-31 days to lock your leads, sales. How often you get paid depends on your traffic volume and traffic quality.

Q.How do you pay Affiliates?
A.You must accrue $10 in your account before a payment will be issued. Amounts equaling less than $10 roll over to the next payment period and accumulate from there. We pay by Paypal, Bank Wire, Direct Deposit, Check. If you need other payment method, we can arrange for you.

Q.How to fill the payment ID when signup?
A.Check: input your check name.
Paypal: input paypal email.(Your paypal name must match with your account name)
Bank Wire: input your Bank Name, Routing Number, Bank Account, Account Name, Bank Address. Min $500 required($35 fee). If your bank support ACH, then it's better. Min $300 for ACH ($15 fee). Just input your Bank Name, Routing Number, Bank Account, Account Name in the box. Also please input a "ACH Info" in the payment ID box to tell us it's ACH.

Q.Do you have a referral program (tiers)?
A.Yes. You can earn 5% of all revenue that your referred websites earn. For example, you refer your friend to valuednetwork, and he earns $1000, then you will earn $50 commission and your friend still get $1000. For super affiliates, we can give 5%-15% commission.

Q.What will happen if I'm caught spamming or fraud?
A.If we detect Fraud, your account will be made inactive pending further investigation. Spamming or any other such practice that could reflect negatively on our program are strictly prohibited. Failure to comply with this request will result in the immediate cancellation of the account from which the leads and sales were generated and may also result in the forfeiture of any funds owed to that account.

Q.I have more questions who can I contact?
A.Our Contact Info

Advertisers' Questions
Q.What are your fees?
A.We don't charge you any monthly or annual fees! However, we do require a minimum of a $100 deposit from all advertisers. That money will be spent as your advertisement cost. We dont charge it. This money can be not refunded.

Q.What is the risk involved with advertising on the Valuednetwork.com?
A.None! Since you only pay when your intended goal is achieved, you have nothing to lose, making it a risk-free decision.

Q.What kind of websites make up your distribution network?
A.Our very strict approval process of our publishers and partners assures that our advertiser's campaigns reach the intended audience and delivers superior results.

Q.Can I choose which affiliates I partner with?
A.We encourage you to play an active role in your program's affiliate recruitment. Our affiliate management software allows you to manually review and approve affiliates after viewing their websites, statistics and site offerings.

Q.What fraud prevention does your company offer?
A.We have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to fraud. If any one violates our policy we terminate their account immediately, so our advertisers pay only for legitimate results. For more information, please see our Terms of use.

Q.What Payment Methods you accept?
A.At Present, we accept Payment by Direct Deposit. Other Method, please contact us for detail.

Q.How do I update creative material (banners, text links, pop ups)?
A.If you choose to create your own campaigns, a simple step-by-step process will guide you through the campaign set up and creative upload process, ensuring that you have the appropriate corresponding tracking code attached.

Q.Besides the Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA) models, does ValuedNetwork offer other types of advertising models?
A.Sorry, so far we only offer CPA model.

Q.What kind of advertising offers do you support?
A.ValuedNetwork offers many different types of different advertising offers, including text links, banners, pop-ups, and rich media advertising.

Q.How long does it take to start or cancel an advertising campaign?
A.It takes about 1-3 business days to launch a new campaign, provided that all the necessary information is supplied. We require a minimum of at least 3 business days notice of your decision to cancel a campaign in order for us to have enough time to notify our publishers.

Q.How do you track leads or sale?
A.All leads are tracked with a special tracking pixel code that will be provided to you by ValuedNetwork.

Q.I have more questions who can I contact?
A.Our Contact Info



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