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Advertisers and Affiliates are required to comply with the ValuedNetwork policies related to the collection of email addresses and the transmission of commercial email. Failure to comply with the policies listed on this page are a material breach of your agreement with ValuedNetwork Affiliate Network and we reserve the right to terminate your contract with us immediately, with no liability to us.

1. Include Accurate and Non-Misleading Headers: Publisher will not send an e-mail with header information (e.g., sender name and e-mail address,domain name, and subject line) that is materially false or misleading, i.e., altered or concealed in a manner that impairs the ability of others to identify, respond to, or locate the sender or to investigate the alleged violation. This includes sending an e-mail with header information that is technically accurate, but which was obtained by false pretenses. May not disguise the origin of the sender. Must display the true identity of the sender.

2. Email messages may ONLY be sent to recipients who have expressly and knowingly agreed to receive the email message from you by taking a specific action to opt-in to receive messages. In addition:

  1. There must be a return email address or some other mechanism that is clearly displayed which provides the recipient with a way to opt-out of future emails.
  2. The return address or other opt-out mechanism must be functioning and must remain functioning for a period of no less than 30 days after the transmission of the original message.

3. Registration forms must contain a way for users to opt-out of receiving electronic mail messages from the sender.

4. Opt-Out Notice: Each commercial e-mail must display conspicuously a clear notice which details how, whether through a return e-mail address or another Internet based tool, recipients can request not to receive further messages from the sender. The opt-out mechanism described in each commercial e-mail must be effective for at least 30 days following the original date the e-mail is transmitted. If a recipient requests not to receive commercial e-mails, the sender or any person acting on behalf of the sender may not, more than 10 business days after receipt of the opt-out request, send or assist another in sending to that recipient any e-mail that falls within the scope of the opt-out request. Once an opt-out request is received from a recipient of a commercial e-mail, it is also unlawful to disclose to any third party such recipient's e-mail address.

5. Your messages and copy must comply with the following:

  1. Each commercial e-mail must contain a clear and conspicuous notice that the message is an advertisement or a solicitation,unless a recipient has expressly consented to its receipt.
  2. Clearly provide notice of the opportunity to decline to receive further emails from you.
  3. Each commercial e-mail must include a valid physical postal address of the sender.
  4. Clearly label sexually oriented material in the subject heading.

6. You are not permitted to use our logos, trademarks, business name, names of any employees, contractors, officers or representatives, or place any identifying information in any email transmission sent by you unless you have been granted the express written permission in advance by ValuedNetwork Affiliate Network.

7. Usage of Suppression Files: Publisher will scrub their email distribution list against suppression files provided by Valuednetwork, at least once every 10 days. Publisher understands that suppression lists are provided solely for the purpose of scrubbing and are the sole property of the advertiser and takes sole responsibility for any improper usage or handling of all suppression files it receives.

8. If publisher fails to follow these email-marketing terms when conducting an email campaign on behalf of Valuednetwork, publisher will be solely responsible for any and all damages that may result. In such a case, Valuednetwork and Advertiser will have no responsibility or obligation to the publisher in any form.

If you have received any unsolicited email, which you believe was sent by an Advertiser or Affiliate of the ValuedNetwork Affiliate Network, please report it to us by contacting us and forwarding the email.

Last updated: July 2008


Merchants are concerned about fraudulent sales activity generated by affiliates. We understand this concern and are dedicated to minimizing fraud and providing highly converting traffic.

The quality of our affiliate base is of utmost importance to us. We have devised detailed processes, which are used to analyze affiliates and their traffic on an ongoing basis. This enables us to quickly determine if there is any questionable activity being generated by a particular affiliate.

If an affiliate is found to have generated fraudulent leads or sales, their account is immediately closed and they will not be able to run any further campaigns on our network.

We constantly strive to improve our fraud detection procedures and it will continue to remain a major part of our company’s focus.

For further information about our Anti-fraud Policy please contact us.

Last updated: August 2007

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